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Universal Systems Benefit Program

Effective January 1, 2021


The Universal Systems Benefit Program (USBP) is mandated by the State of Montana and requires that funds be allocated to certain approved social programs, including low-income and conservation programs.  A USBP surcharge will be assessed on all monthly bills for all appropriate member classes.  The USBP surcharge will be a line item on each monthly bill and will increase the entire billed amount.

Monthly Rate

1.15% on all electric revenues billed

USBP Adjustments

The formula for funding USBP is set by Montana law and is set at 2.4% of 1995 electric revenues.  While the annual amount is constant, the surcharge will vary as revenues vary.  Therefore, the USBP surcharge will be reviewed every year and recalculated as necessary to accommodate changes in projected revenues.

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