Air source heating and cooling offers the use of outside air, heat exchangers, and high efficiency equipment to provide winter and summer comfort to your home. One-and-a-half to three times more heat energy can be created in comparison to the electric energy used to produce it.

The air-to-air systems do not require any form of ground collection loop, no water collection vessels, nor any fuel source other than the outside air and electricity. These systems perform the best in temperatures above freezing which in our area is approximately 65% of the time. An additional heating source for the remaining 35% of the time will be required.

The 'Heating Season Performance Factor' (HSPF) is the U.S. Department of Energy standard for performance rating. In colder climates the higher this number can be the better. The minimum standard is 8 HSPF. For warmer climates and summer months the 'Season Energy Efficiency Rating' (SEER) is the standard to consider. Fourteen (14) SEER is the minimum performance requirement.

Sun River Electric will rebate $150 per installed ton of 'Air Source' heat pump capacity up to a maximum of $750 per system.

Program Steps:

  1. Request an "Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Agreement" from the Member Service Department of SREC.

  2. Return the agreement to SREC for approval.

  3. Upon SREC approval, the contractor installs the system.

  4. SREC inspects the system for program compliance.

  5. If system and installation are in compliance - SREC issues rebate payment.

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