Give Where You LiveRoun up

One of the best feelings in the world is giving.  One of the easiest ways to give to your community is Operation Round-Up.

Program Basics

Operation Round-Up is a charitable program funded by Sun River Electric Cooperative members (YOU!) who "round up" their electric bills to the next whole dollar amount.  These funds are then gifted to non-profit, community based, organizations within the Sun River Electric service territory.

Operation Round-Up Mission

The goal of the Operation Round-Up program is to help local organizations and communities address unmet needs in the areas of youth, education, public safety, health, community and emergency services, to name a few. 

Requests for Funding

Click here to complete an application for funding.  Requests will be reviewed by the Operation Round-Up Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

How it Works

If you choose to participate, and your bill is $64.35, SREC will round up your payment to the nearest dollar, or $65.00, and the extra $0.65 will be pooled with other members' Round-Up donations.  The funds are then redistributed to help meet the needs of those in our communities. 

Most people who participate in Operation Round-Up donate about $6 annually, which isn't much individually, but adds up the more members participate.

To date, other participating cooperative members throughout the nation have given over $50 million back into their communities by simply allowing their monthly electric bills to be rounded-up to the nearest dollar.

If you already participate in Operation Round-Up, thank you!  Here are a few ways your change is making a big impact:

  • Teton County EMS for new CPR training equipment

  • Conrad's City Hall for handicapped entrance doors

  • Pondera Medical Center for the purchase of a newer handicapped van

  • Greenfield School for an automated external defibrillator (AED)

  • Sun River and Augusta areas for flood relief.

  • Fairfield Swimming Pool - ADA updates

A small donation can make a big difference in your community!

This is a voluntary program and members can opt-out at any time by calling the office at 406-467-2526.