Sun River Electric is a cooperative, so the money that is earned over expenses each year is allocated back to the members. The amount of money over and above the cost of providing service is called margins. The margins are divided among the members according to the amount each member paid for electricity that year.

An allocation is done once a year following our annual audit. The allocation figures will be mailed to you in April or May of each year. The notice will show the current capital credit balance and the total of all the years combined. This report reflects your equity, or ownership, in SREC.

How do I apply for capital credits early?

If you wish to apply for your capital credits early due to an estate or you have moved off the system and do not plan on returning, we will send you a letter of explanation, an application form, and a discount schedule. Estate capital credits may be retired at a discounted rate, transferred to the executor of the estate, or to the SREC education fund.  If the capital credits are transferred they will be paid out through normal yearly retirements. Contact Leanne at 406-467-2526 if you have any questions.


If you move off the Sun River Electric system please keep us informed of your new address to ensure capital credit refund checks are properly received.